Buildings are a costly and valuable asset and need to be looked after. Here at Bradley Mason LLP we are able to use our technical knowledge and experience to plan works required to retain property assets or bring your building into a state which it can perform its required function and support your core business strategy.
Maintenance is often overlooked and lack of maintenance can contribute to deterioration and eventual failure of elements.


A condition survey is a report designed to capture the condition of a building at a given point in time. The report will assist in planning a maintenance strategy to maintain and improve the building in the future.


Given that there are many different legal considerations and responsibilities, maintenance has various levels of priorities, some higher than others.
With maintenance requirements dependent on your organisation and whether or not the buildings are leased, some maintenance matters to health and safety require immediate action in order to avoid criminal prosecution. Other works typically fall into routine cycles, such as decoration.
A maintenance programme will assist you in planning your budget across the life of that asset, typically a 5 year maintenance programme will suffice but we can adjust to your requirements from 1 to 20 years. Helping you make informed decisions about work priorities to suit your revenue budget and other constraints.


We carry out a detailed systematic survey of a building to establish the condition of external elements of the building but also internal surfaces, grounds and underground services where possible to help plan your company’s budget.

Within the survey we record the type of construction elements and finishes; their condition and their state of repair; and at what point in time renewal/repair will be necessary.

The condition survey determines the following:

  • The condition of various elements to your building
  • What maintenance and repair works need to be carried out
  • When these works will be needed
  • How the work can be undertaken safely
  • Budgets for the required works
  • What works are the most necessary; if there is a strict budget

All condition surveys and planned maintenance programmes are suited to your individual needs, for instance you may require cost information or simply require a stock condition survey to be used as a working document. This can be passed to your own facilities management team and help establish the condition of your portfolio.

A testimonial from one of our Planned Maintenance clients

“On a personal note, may I say how impressed I am with the standard of your reporting. Your report is very comprehensive and I appreciate the effort that has gone into producing such a detailed survey and assessment.”

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