Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors are all experts in their field and provide expert advice to our clients on a daily basis however, there is a distinction when we need to be called upon as an Expert Witness to prepare a report for use in Court. All of our Chartered Building Surveyors are qualified to create a report that can be specifically used in court.


A dispute can arise from a range of building related issues and our team are able to provide not only expert advice but prepare an Expert Witness Report for a variety of areas. Here are some examples of areas where our expert advice could be drawn upon:


Where a dispute has arisen over the cause of a building defect and what the correct defect diagnosis of a problem is, here we are often called upon to investigate the problem and provide our expert opinion. We are frequently asked to advise on damp, mould and condensation related issues and we regularly product Expert Reports required under The Defective Premises Act and under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

By utilising a variety of specialist equipment, we are able to record dampness, condensation and relative humidity along with thermal imaging to identify the causes of dampness within properties and the risk posed to occupants. We are also called upon to advise on a wide variety of individual building defects which range from leaking roofs, incorrectly installed cladding to timber decay and dry rot.


Our Project Management Team are often involved in a variety of contractual disputes and they advise on issues ranging from poor quality workmanship, contractual delays and defects in construction through to various advice on cost related issues including contractor’s payment, withheld retention, extensions of time and agreement of final accounts.


We regularly act under the Party Wall Act to advise both building owners and adjoining owners in respect of the Act.


The field of Dilapidations can give rise to a wide range of disputes and we frequently act for both Landlord’s and Tenant’s in providing expert advice. Before a claim progressed to Court we would not be acting in an Expert capacity although once core proceedings progressed we would provide an independent expert role to Courts. This usually results in settlement before final proceedings, although we are able to converse with either side’s legal team and provide Expert Reports for submission in Court.


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