Here at Bradley-Mason LLP, we offer a wide range of commercial surveyor services to clients in London and throughout the rest of the UK.

From building consultancy services to project management, our team are equipped with the expertise and experience to deal with a wide range of issues and requirements, whatever the sector or type of industry you work in.

Building Surveyors in London

Bradley-Mason LLP is a team of highly experienced building surveyors working in and around London. We cover a wide range of different forms of property inspection to help those interested in buying or leasing commercial properties completely understand the condition of the premises and whether any remedial works are required.

Our building surveys offer are more than a simple financial valuation – we provide keen professional insight into a building’s defects and the status of its current condition.

Through the range of different surveys on offer, we can provide insight on the structure of a property, help buyers make a fully informed decision, or instruct existing owners on the costs of putting the premises into a good state of repair.

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Our team can offer our services to a huge range of sectors. Generally, we work with offices, property, industrial, healthcare, trade counter, retail and hotel, leisure and tourism industries. Whatever your requirements or industry might be though, we are the team to help.

It can be very difficult to tell if you have asbestos in your property. Generally, the most common places to find it include insulation and lining. However, there are a surprising number of places where asbestos might be ‘hiding’. Cement, floor tiles, and other materials like Artex can all contain asbestos as a constituent ingredient.

Absolutely. Our team are experts in a wide range of areas so, after discussing your situation with you, we will be able to identify the service you require. We will then work alongside you to ensure you receive a top-quality service at the highest standard possible.

At Bradley Mason, we offer a range of different commercial building surveys to businesses in London. This will depend on the specific needs of your company and we would be happy to talk through the possibilities with you.

Pre-acquisition surveys are ideal if you are looking into buying or leasing a property and want to be sure that you understand the condition of the property. Due diligence reports look into the legal documents surrounding a property purchase, including leases, warranties, and construction information.

Disposal surveys are used to assess the condition and other issues, if you are disposing of a property. While condition surveys are undertaken by current owners examining the costs involved into putting the property into a good state of repair.

If you have any questions about which survey is right for you, get in contact with our experienced team.

Our commercial project management provides the service of overseeing a project from start to finish, covering all elements from planning and execution through to monitoring and closing it out. We plan, organise, and control activities to minimise risks, dangers, and problems on your commercial project.

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If you would like to find out any more information about the services listed above, please do not hesitate contact our team today. Call us on +44 (0) 203 390 1217 or send us an email at – we promise to get back to you as quickly as we can.

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