Working on TJX Europe’s behalf, Bradley Mason have achieved very advantageous dilapidations settlements for each of our recent TK Maxx store and DC closures. Not only were these secured below expenditure expectations, but Bradley Mason also managed the process very smoothly, working closely with our contractors to deliver outstanding results.

Working with Bradley-Mason over the last few years has revolutionised the way in which we as a business deal with building surveyor requirements to our estate. Their quick and clear professional advice, their skill in negotiating deals and their resource to monitor works on site all contribute to our control of costs and resolution of varied property issues.

Our experience with Bradley-Mason was one of professionalism, enthusiasm and thoroughly good service. The team are a genuine pleasure to deal with

Thanks for the photos, it looks great. I look forward to confirmation that we will have full recovery from the other side hopefully later this week. Thanks for some excellent work here. I will certainly use BM on other jobs in the future.

I feel fortunate to have found find Bradley-Mason LLP. I was searching online for a quality but cost effective property partner, with national coverage, and sharing my companies ambition to grow quickly. They have proved over the last twelve months to be a trusted and quality supplier, very responsive to our requirements and that of our clients. They produce high quality reports, efficiently and without fuss and they have always put themselves out when I have needed to change the plan at short notice. I hope you find yourself lucky to have found them too.

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