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As specialist commercial building consultants, we cover all aspects of building surveying and our national coverage promises a prompt response to all your consultancy needs. With first-class services including Building Surveys, Dilapidations, Due Diligence Measured Surveys, Health & Safety and Party Walls, we provide a combined approach and a single visit saves you time and money.

Bradley-Mason can provide advice on the full Life Cycle Management of your property to reduce unnecessary costs and support your business. For most of our corporate clients, their property is not their business but an unavoidable cost which creates one of the largest company liabilities.

We offer expert assistance for:

Occupiers – Whether developing a national roll-out or disposing of a site our holistic understanding of the property life cycle ensures initial liabilities are avoided, fit out costs minimised, occupational costs managed and exit costs reduced.

Landlords – With extensive experience of property investment our due diligence roles support your acquisitions, maintenance and compliance roles protect your asset; proactive Dilapidations reduces disputes whereas forward planning helps to maximise site disposal.

Consulting services provided include:

Building Surveys

Legal Services

Landlord and Tenant

Reinstatement Cost Assessments


About Us

Bradley Mason

Since our establishment in 2004, Bradley-Mason has grown to become a nationally serving project management and consultancy company with five branches in major cities across the UK. First established by Julian Mason MRICS/MCIO and now with branches in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol and Harrogate, we combine in-depth and honest reporting services with a team of experienced consultants and project managers in order to help commercial clients in a range of property matters. Whether you are considering a new commercial build or you are reaching the end of a lease and require a Schedule of Dilapidations, we are there to help you.

Other Services

Bradley-Mason takes pride in offering first class commercial consulting services to clients nationwide. In addition to our consulting services, we also provide the following additional services and more;

Commercial Building Surveys – When considering a new commercial property for purchase, it is essential that an in-depth report is requested. A commercial building survey looks at all visible and accessible elements of the property, listing any defects found and provides advice on how those defects can be repaired.

Project Management – Experienced project managers are on hand to ensure that any renovation or commercial construction project runs smoothly. Our project managers will be able to offer expert advice on keeping on time and within budget constraints when looking at improvements and new commercial builds.

Schedules of Dilapidation – As clients reach the end of a lease, a Schedule of Dilapidations needs to be drawn up and issued in order to provide tenants with a report concerning any necessary repairs over the course of the tenancy. Bradley-Mason can act on behalf of both landlords and tenants concerning a Schedule of Dilapidations.

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Whether you are looking for a commercial building consultant in Harrogate, require a Schedule of Dilapidation in Bristol, or need property advice elsewhere in the UK, we are on hand to help. Bradley-Mason provide impartial and expert advice to all commercial clients where needed so that you can make an informed decision on the purchase or renovation of your property. Get in touch via one of our branches today, or complete the form below and we will get back to you swiftly.

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