Inspiring Young Surveyors at “Grass Roots” Level.

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There is a clear issue with inspiring a new, more diverse generation of youngster into becoming building surveyors. The issue was raised at this year’s annual Building Surveying Conference with a number of senior surveyors crying out for more to be done to promote the profession.

As a recent Graduate Building Surveyor I am new to the profession and to be honest fell into the profession by chance. Until I turned up at Northumbria Universities open day I didn’t have a clue about what a Building Surveyor does on a day to day basis or the skills required to perform the job affectively. I believe this is the case with many people, not fully understanding what a Building Surveyor has to offer. This makes you think what are we doing incorrectly in terms of promoting the industry and what can be done to improve people’s knowledge?

One option, certainly not the only, is to do more at “grass roots” (pardon the football pun) level to entice the young in becoming Building Surveyors and choosing property related degrees. To achieve this the RICS has to create more initiatives to get local surveying firms into schools and to take on more apprentices or work experience placements. That said it’s not all down to the RICS and I understand schemes are currently in place but, we as Building Surveyors need to ensure we commit to promoting the industry and offer our time to help educate school pupils and make them become more interested in the profession. This in turn should help to reduce the skills shortage in the industry by improving surveyor related university degree enrolments.

As part of the inclusivity award recently granted to Bradley-Mason LLP we are committed to promoting our profession within the local community by going in to schools and colleges and attempting to inspire young people to consider a career as a Building Surveyor

Hopefully by educating young people and promoting our profession, we can teach people about what this career has to offer and the job satisfaction and rewards of becoming a Building Surveyor.

Brenden Shildrick


DISCLAIMER: This article is for general information only and not intended as advice. Each project has its own set of unique circumstances, all potential issues should be investigated by a surveyor on a case by case basis before making any decision.

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