Reinstatement works at Tadcaster Medical Centre

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Bradley-Mason LLP have been appointed as Project Managers, overseeing the reinstatement works at Tadcaster Medical Centre following flood damage caused to the building.  The works entail a full strip-out of internal finishes including flood damaged plaster and a full refurbishment across the ground floor.  Prior to commencement of the works on each phase, specialist drying consultants are brought in to speed dry the building to remove all residual moisture.  Flood resilience measures have been considered and implemented including upgrading the dispensary counter to a full metal system which can be wiped clean following possible future flooding.  Phase 1 works are now complete and the rooms shown in the images are in-use by the team.

Tadcaster Medical Cente - Survey Photo - 07.01.16399
Tadcaster Medical Centre - Site Progress Meeting (70)

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