Working across the full spectrum of commercial premises we have a number of specialist teams who deal with specific market sectors, providing a range of services from acquisition through occupation to final disposal of both Freehold and Leasehold property. Since our inception we have concentrated on corporate occupiers and have focused on an understanding our clients’ needs to ensure we understand how property fits their business needs.

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Our range of specialist skills are often combined to ensure the correct level of advice at each stage of the property cycle, whether you are a property company acquiring portfolio premises for investment purposes or an individual or SME acquiring a new shop premises for a new business venture. Our understanding of compliance matters, a detailed understanding of Leasehold issues and in particular Dilapidations or look to ensure we minimise your financial risk and reduce longer term operating costs and final costs on exit.


We find that knowledge and expertise in one sector is often transferred to others where clients are looking to expand or move into new business areas. For example, our detailed knowledge of retail premises including the acquisition of property and the fitout to maximise the retail environment has been beneficial when advising trade counter operators on new multi-site role outs or the rationalisation of existing portfolios. We have helped several clients move away from a secondary industrial style operation to a more prolific retail style which has improved the quality of their business premises and have a direct impact on business profits.

Similarly, our experience with café and restaurant operators proved invaluable when acting for a number of leisure operators who were looking to refurbish and improve their food and beverage (F & B) offering alongside their core fitness and leisure operations.

We regularly work with our clients’ existing specialist design teams to ensure we consider value for money, life span, suitability, Health and Safety, inclusive access and leasehold liabilities to ensure optimum value for any proposed works.


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