Dilapidations advice: what does the Dilapidations Protocol mean for you?

Chartered building surveyors such as those at Bradley-Mason LLP continually expand their knowledge of the most recent government legislation and industry standards, which allows us to help landlords and tenants to remain safe & compliant during occupancy of a commercial property.  Certain legislative changes affect the way in which we do our jobs, while others […]

Health and safety audits: what you need to know

As an independent chartered surveyor, Bradley-Mason LLP combines effective, professional advice with a personalised service in building consultancy and project management in order to ensure that any new company project or commercial expansion runs smoothly and without issue. We offer a range of services to clients throughout the UK, proud to be recognised as registered […]

Five unusual building materials from throughout history

Here in the UK, we’re rightly proud of the long and traditional history that is still visible today in the buildings of our villages, towns and cities. As chartered building surveyors, we conduct countless surveys and visits to the nation’s old and listed buildings, many of which still retain the traditional building materials used in […]

Business tenancy advice: what is a Schedule of Condition?

When seeking a commercial property, you are probably looking for a building that can accommodate you and your business’ needs. It could be that you find a building in the perfect location and of the perfect size, but to which you might need to make some adjustments. In which case, you should be aware that […]

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