Flood Mitigation Grant Application Assistance by Bradley-Mason

Commercial property owners and business owners that have been flooded may be eligible to apply for a Flood Mitigation Grant (also known as a Flood Resilience Grant or Repair and Renew Grant). The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for measures designed to improve the property’s resistance or resilience to flooding, over and […]

Party walls, boundary disputes and how to resolve them: a step-by-step guide

A party wall is a wall or boundary that is shared by multiple owners or tenants.  Ownership is a complex matter that may require chartered building consultancy to resolve – is the party wall jointly owned, partly owned or owned by one of the parties exclusively?   The UK Party Wall etc. Act 1996 aims […]

Becoming a commercial tenant: what you need to consider

While some businesses might own the premises they operate from, for others, renting an office, workshop, factory or storage facility is far more cost-efficient.  Leasing a commercial property allows your business the flexibility it needs to grow, so should you want to expand or change the location of your business, you could simply wait until […]

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