Property horrors: what we could find when surveying your property

When you’re buying a property, it’s all too easy to fall for the look, feel, or even price of the place, and ignore the things such as damp corners or gurgling sounds that perhaps only your subconscious had picked up on.  Unfortunately, these are the things that could result in the building needing a large […]

Landlords and dilapidations: what are your rights?

Dilapidations can be extremely contentious processes following the termination of a commercial lease agreement, but as a landlord you must remember that dilapidations are there to help protect you and your property from the actions of your tenants. Towards the end of your lease agreement, you may find it necessary to undertake a dilapidations survey […]

Planning permission: what stands between you and your ideal office

When granted, planning permission can give you free reign to develop your property as you wish and exercise your creativity, ultimately transforming its value. Unfortunately, to receive planning permission, you often have to go through a painfully lengthy process full of hassle and uncertainty. This can put people off attempting to make any changes to […]

How To Minimise Short-Term Disruption During Workspace Refurbishments

While commercial property refurbishments are a periodic necessity, they have the potential to play havoc with the businesses who occupy the building and the employees who work there. There’s never a convenient time to renovate an office or workspace. Inevitably, there will come a time when your premises need some attention but the short-term disruption […]

Five project deadline delays (and how to avoid them)

If you’re in the process of refurbishing either a single commercial property or a series of properties, it’s highly likely that you’ll be working to strict deadlines. The old adage that time is money frequently rings true in the business world, and the ability to work to the deadlines established at the outset of a […]

Five deadly building materials that weren’t such a good idea!

One of the roles of a chartered building surveyors’ practice such as Bradley-Mason LLP is to analyse older buildings for the presence of potentially dangerous materials.  For decades, the construction industry has prioritised certain materials over others for their desirable properties – be they strength, insulation, flame retardance or more besides.  Sometimes, however, this search […]

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