Building regulations applied to low impact development

A number of small scale projects utilising low impact development practices have been successfully implemented throughout the UK. With a recognised housing crisis in the UK and the need to tackle the impact of global warming, applied on a larger scale, these methods could form part of a national solution. Fairlie (1996, p.xiii) states “a […]

Inspiring Young Surveyors at “Grass Roots” Level.

There is a clear issue with inspiring a new, more diverse generation of youngster into becoming building surveyors. The issue was raised at this year’s annual Building Surveying Conference with a number of senior surveyors crying out for more to be done to promote the profession. As a recent Graduate Building Surveyor I am new […]

The origin of Facilities Management.

Facilities Management (FM) has long suffered from an acute identity crisis (Tay & Ooi, 2001). The profession is considered by some individuals as having no strategic orientation encompassing middle aged men with no professional qualifications (Eltringham, 1999; Nourse, 1990).  It is believed to have taken until 1980 to gain a stronger presence within the construction […]